(Also foreharbour of the doublesluice)
The river Geeste from the Kennedy-bridge with view to the ferry and the foreharbour:

River Geeste and radartower
River Geeste and the ferry

  Warning of
  stormy high tide:

  The waterlevel is
  1m higher than the 
  middle high tide.
1m over middle high tide
Closed floodgate of the bridge

Approach to the ferry
Ferry is comming
Ferry will docking
Ferry on the river Weser
Ferries "Park and Ride"

The Geeste-harbour  
The Geeste-harbour
from about the position  
of the left tower on the
photograph before

The doublesluice is connecting the Geeste-harbour with the sluiceharbour, which have ways to
the fishingharbour I (Schaufenster Fischereihafen I), fishingharbour II and other harbourparts.

Leaving into the sluiceharbour

Swimmingcrane in the sluice
Swimmingcrane in the harbour
Swimmingcrane in the harbour

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