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Here are my selfmade pictures of different parts of the harbour of Bremerhaven. They are free for everyone who can need them.
They all have a size of 1024 x 768 pixels. I had given some of them to a photoshop to print them in a size of a postcard (13 x 9 cm) and I found, that the result was okay.
When you click on the underlined "links", you come to the belonging subpage and you can see the pictures in a small size. There you have to click on the small pictures,
if you want to see it in large size. If you want to go back from there, you must click on the back-arrow in the upper left corner of the Explorer. - That's only, if you don't know it.
A T T E N T I O N : If you want to go back to the mainscreen, you have only to click on the title with my name. In the english version you will see then first the german mainscreen.
You have to click then on the british Union Jack again, to go back to the english mainscreen. That's why I have on my page my unscrolling titelbar.
The resulting borderline you can remove with a click on any free space on the mainscreen. - I have not seen a notawayscrolling titelbar before. - A worldnewness? - Then it's made by me.

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New harbour
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Old harbour
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Old tradingharbour
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Fishingharbour I
(Last change on 22.7.2006)
Fishingharbour II
(Last change on 22.5.2007)
(Last change on 14.6.2006)
River Weser
(Last change on 21.4.2006)
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