The Kaisersluice must be bigger until the Sail 2010, because it can sluice then also the big Carcarriers.
Therefore I made this two pictures. Viewing from the sluicegate at the Weser-side.

View direction Kaiserharbour
View direction Weser

A look into Kaiserharbour I
Four Carcarriers at once

In the background of the first picture the "Chiquita-Deutschland" is in unloading at the Columbuskaje.
On the first and the fifth photograph you can see in the background the "Pride of America".

Entrance into the Kaisersluice
Explanation at the Kaisersluice

Tankship in the Kaisersluice
Tankship is leaving the sluice
Tankship in the Kaiserharbour

Snowy Kaisersluice

Car-carrier in the Kaiserharbour

The new swimming-dock from the Motorenwerke Bremerhaven in the Kaiserharbour I a short time after delivery and at work.

A tug is taking victuals

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